Mesquite Sunrise I


TitleMesquite Sunrise I
DescriptionThe day before I took this shot of Death Valley's Mesquite Dunes there was a raging sand storm with wind gust up to 70 mph that lasted into the night. The next morning it was still very windy so I decided to head up the west side of the dunes to be upwind, and also so I could catch the blowing sand in the light coming from the east. It's a kind of weird comp but does convey the conditions fairly well.
LocationDeath Valley, CA
DetailsCanon 5D mkII, Canon 28-135 f/3.5@28mm, f11@1/80th sec, ISO 100
Tags death valley, mesquite dunes, sand storm, desert, wind, windy, mesquite, dunes, sand, shadows, form, curves, sunrise, brown, yellow, gold
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