Here are a few links to photography-related sites that you may find useful, interresting, inspiring and educational. I will be adding to these links when I get the chance and when I come across a site that I find worth bookmarking. If any of these links are broken or you want me to add your page, just mail me and I'll update this page.


Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Reader's Forum Nicely put together site for nature photographers only. The Reader's Forum is just a section of Nature Photographers Online Magazine but it is also gaining lots of activity. The forum galleries are based on the degree of Hand Of Man (HOM) present in the image (don't ask me why). (95k image limit)
Photo Critique Forum If you're looking to improve your photography you'll enjoy this site for it's friendly, constructive and informative approach to image critique (although some comments can get off topic or personnel). But I can't thank the guys at this site enough for helping me improve my own images! (150k image limit). Seems strange but I don't thing the interface has changed in ten years.
PhotoBlink Photo Competition & Forum A really nice critique site. I participated on photoblink for years. The main attraction for this site is it's emphasis on voting as well as the very cool features (theme contests, thumbnail views (on/off), alternate page views, personal galleries, forums, photos of the day, week, etc.). Also, since the emphasis is on voting, the quality of posted images is better than any critique site listed here. The site administrator Sergei Samus has done an outstanding job, far and above what you'll find on any other photography critique site. Completely unique and a joy to visit! (100k image limit)
PhotoSIG PhotoSIG is fairly easy to navigate and well constructed. But they tend to be a bit controlling. For example, they have a completely idiotic way of censoring photos. You also cannot view full images that are older than 72 hours without paying $25.00 for a membership. This is why I'm not a member. Anyway, image voting is done with a +/- 1-3 thumbs-up/thumbs-down system (360k image limit).
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Aaron Reed Photography Arron is one of my most influential flickr friends from the Pacific Northwest. I'm always inspired by his work and his website is a work of art!
Andrew Prokos Photography New York and Washington DC architectural and cityscape photography by Andrew Prokos. Really nice city scapes and striking location shots. I wish I could shoot these subjects this well. Beautiful site as well. Check it out.
Australian Landscape Photography This Australian Landscape photography site showcases the work of Mark Gray. His site contains an online gallery of breathtaking fine art Australian panoramic landscape photographs. The landscape photography range includes open and limited edition prints for sale. Beautifully authored website as well.
Bill Hinton Northwest Photography Bill is not just a gifted nature photographer he's an artist and a master at telling a story through his images. A complete talent and a friend. Every time I see one of his images I learn something new. Read the testimonials on his flickr profile and see for yourself.
Bill Taylor Photography Photo gallery of Bill Taylor who is a long-time shooting buddy since the 1990's. The galleries include a wide variety of subjects including California Cost, Lighthouses, Zion NP, Mono Lake, San Francisco, etc..Over 800 pictures!
Blue Sky Nature Images Site run by photographer Dean M. Chriss who's nature and wildlife shots are a must see. There are many images here that you can browse through and order as prints as well. Quality stuff!
Bob Atkins Photography Bob Atkins is a professional photographer who also maintains the Nature Photography section at He's a fabulous wildlife photographer and this site has a wealth of good technical information as well.
Brad Perks PC Image Network A *very* large collection of exceptional images including almost every category of Photography. This is top notch stuff! Brad's images have given me inspiration many times. You can also buy stock images and prints here.
Brent Pearson Photography I first met Brent as brentbat on flickr. He is a huge talent - not just as a landscape shooter but nightscapes, portraits, light painting, and other diverse subjects. His website and blog are terrific. He's got great content including many advanced Photoshop tutorials. You can also download ebooks and sign up for one of his workshops!
Brian Kennedy Photography Brian is a very talented photographer with a very sharp eye for composition and subject matter. I've shot with him several times and he's also great fun to shoot with. His brand new site contains nearly 250 top-notch landscape, wildlife and travel images for you to browse (and purchase)!
Chip Hooper - Photographer Outstanding large format black and white landscape, seascape and desert photography. Chip was featured in an interview in the September 2000 issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine.
Chip Phillips Photography Chip hails from Spokane, Washington and is a good friend from flickr. I believe he is probably among the top 10 best landscape photographers I have seen IMHO. His style, choice of subject matter and compositional ideas are a lot like my own and I honestly feel a sense of kinship with the way he shoots...except he's waaay better than me ;)
Chockstone Photography Stunning Nature & Landscape Photos of Australia
Danny Burk Photography Beautiful photography from Indiana, Michigan and the Eastern United States. Danny shoots nature, landscapes and scenics primarily and has been at it for nearly thirty years! Excellent, inspiring images.
Dark Sky Dreams Night Photography Photographer Jerry Day is a specialist in night photography and is very accomplished at "painting with light". You'll find unique and sometimes remarkable images shot mostly in the American southwest. There's a great how-to section as well.
Darren White Photography Darren is one of my first flickr friends, a really good guy and one of the most talented. He shoots awesome landscapes from Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. You'll see right away how original and stunningly beautiful his shots are. He is very dedicated to his work and I really respect him for that. Visit his site and buy a print!
Dave Nitsche Conceptual and Fine Art Photography I found Dave's considerable talents on Dave is one of the most creative photographers I have ever seen. I particularly like the Stills and Conceptual work as he has no fear and quite a bit of humor in his shots. Excellent web site as well.
David Pettit Photography David Pettit is a professional photographer who lives and works in the heart of Zion National Park. I met him while visiting his gallery in Springdale, Utah. Check out his award-winning 4x5 scenic images of Zion, Bryce, Grand Canyon and the new Grand Staircase-Escalante. You might even recognize a few of them.
Don Baccus Photography Don Baccus, like Bob Atkins is a professional photographer who has his own section at His specialty is wildlife and bird photography and his images are extraordinary. Visit this one!
Enlightened Images Photography Stunningly beautiful photography by nature photographer Gary N. Crabbe. This stuff is amazing, inspiring and for sale as prints or stock photos. Many beautiful galleries of a wide variety of subjects and locations.
Gordo's Cape Town photo and weather home page Photographer Gordon Richardon's site contains wonderful images from Cape Town SA and Atlantic regions. With great weather and sky phenomena images, rainbows, lightning, panoramas, scenics and more.
Graf Nature & Wildlife Photography Beautiful nature and underwater photography by Mark & Lisa Graf. This entire site is very well designed and presented. It has a wide variety of galleries including landscape, wildlife, abstract and stunning underwater images. You can also buy prints and really nice notecards as well. Very well done!
Gregory Popovitch Photography Gallery Gregory is a former coworker of mine and was a major influence in my descision to start out seriously taking pictures. He's very good at black and white street photography and has some amazing images at his site.
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Ian Plant Dreamscapes See the amazing work of this professional photographer, author, traveler and artist. His work can be seen in many books articles and magazines such as Outdoor Photographer and Popular Photography. I aspire to be this good one day! His work is an absolute inspiration. Visit his site and buy one of his ebooks!
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Jesse Estes Photography Jesse is one of the most unique talents I have discovered recently. He has an excellent eye for composition and his landscapes are always original and stunning.
Jessy C. Eykendorp Photography My flicker friends know Jessy as tropicalLiving. She hails from Bali Indonesia and is an absolute sweetheart! But she's also a true artist and an exceptional photographer. I'm blown away by her native island seascapes, landscapes and macros. Read some of her testimonials and see for yourself!
Jim Patterson Photography Jim Patterson is one of the finest and one of the hardest working photographers I've come across recently. I'm amazed at the effort he puts into getting some of the shots and stunned by the results. He's also very generous with sharing the technical aspects of his work. Visit his website and join one of his workshops!
John Shaw Photography John Shaw's books and photography have inspired countless photographers worldwide including myself. I have every book he has written and a series of videos as well. If you haven't visited his site or seen his work you must click this link.
Juza Nature Photography Juza is not just a talented nature photographer his site is a wealth of information. From detailed equipment reviews, technical articles, photo essays and an active discussion forum. I originally came here to read a review of some lenses but the content is so good I had to bookmark it. I highly recommend you visit Juza Nature Photography!
Kevin McNeal Photography Likely one of the best professional landscape photographers I have seen. You've probably seen his award wining shots in Outdoor Photographer, Nature's Best and many others. Visit his site, maybe sign up for a workshop but definitely view his galleries!
Larry Malvin Photography Wonderful variety of subjects such as Landscapes, Macros, Commercial, Sports photography and more. Check out the series of accolades and awards which I'm sure he is very proud of - and he should be! You can also buy prints and posters at Larry's site. Well-designed site with brilliant photographic images.
Light of Gaeldom Fine art landscape photography of the Scottish Highlands by Lossiemouth photographer Iain Stewart MacDuffie.
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Link Titleuuuu A cool new site where you can navigate and explore interesting locations via 360 degree flash panoramas.
Marc Adamus Marc is one of the finest landscape photographers I have ever seen. Based in Oregon, he shoots dramatic landscapes and scenics of the Pacific Northwest as well as inland deserts and seascapes. Not your usual landscape photographer - Marc's work is unique and absolutely breathtaking.
Marsel van Oosten Photography Award winning wildlife and landscape photography from European photographer Marsel van Oosten. In my opinion he's one of the greatest talents in the modern era. I'm not kidding. His landscapes are works of art and his images from Africa are masterful and beyond compare!
Matthew Hyde Photography A wonderful photographer who also participates at I love this guy's images! He mostly shoots mountain scenics and climbing shots as well as very good travel photos. An excellent photographer and an inspiraional set of images.
Michael Anderson - Lightscape Photography Very accomplished and well-traveled landscape photographer from Colorado. Michael's work is both visually and technically outstanding. He's been shooting since the 1980's and it shows. Very large and diverse gallery of spectacular images.
Michael Bohlander Photography Mike is another flickr friend who I admire a lot. He shoots amazing landscapes from California to Washington. I love his classic compositional style which reminds me of large format shooters. Several of his shots are among my top 20 landscape shots ever!
Michael Fatali I ran into Michael's gallery in Springdale, UT while visiting Zion NP. I have to tell you, I was blown away! He has some of the most consistently spectacular landscape images I have ever seen. Most of his images include locations in the desert southwest and are taken with a large format (8x10) view camera. Visit his site and prepare to be inspired!
Michal Karcz I first saw Michal's work on 500px and was blown away. He is more than a photographer, he's a digital artist of the highest order! His images are of incredible scenes of unimaginable beauty. Part photography, part digital manipulation and to me...pure inspiration!
Miles Morgan Photography Miles is a natural talent and has many followers and "fans" on flickr including me. Several of his shots are among my all time favorites. Besides that he's a great guy!. Visit his galley here.
Mountain Light Photography Photography site by the late, great photographer Galen Rowell. He also wrote for Outdoor Photograper magazine before his tragic death in Aug. 2002. Simply unbelievable work! You have to visit here!
Photography By Mark C. Cassino Mark Cassino is an extremely talented photographer who specializes in wildlife, birds, flowers and macros. All very difficult subjects and Mark is a master at what he does!
Photography of Jeff Alu I first saw Jeff's images at the critique sites (listed above) and his photography is unique, visionary and stunning. You should also visit Jeff's main site for a look at many of his other considerable artistic accomplishments.
Richard van Hoesel's Landscape/Seascape Photography Richard is an extremely talented photographer from Australia who shares my passion for seascapes. We also share the same Pentax 67II 6x7 format systems. His images are absolutely beautiful and truely inspired
Robert Sojka Photography Artistic photography by Robert Sojka based in the Chicagoland area specializing in weddings, events, and fine art landscape photography. Very diverse subject matter and nice site layout too.
Ron Rosenstock Photography Spectacular large-format B&W nature photography. Ron's shots are primarily of scenic Ireland and they are stunning. You can also order prints as well as his book The Light of Ireland from his site.
Sam's Exotic &Picturesque Travels Sam Stearman's photo journeys to far-away places with strange sounding names on four continents. Excellent photography with a travel and photojournalistic appeal.
Saul Santos Diaz Saul Santos Diaz is a professional photographer who shoots mostly Latin American subjects (landscapes, seascapes, cityscapes, etc.). One of the few photographers I have seen that has earned a Masters Degree in Digital Photography. His site is awesome! Sit back and enjoy the slide shows and maybe even buy some extraordinary photography.
Terra Galleria Photography A huge gallery of images by Quang-Tuan Luong. This is one of the most impressive collections of travel, landscape, nature images available (13,000+ images)! The 4000-image National Parks collection alone is worth the visit.
Transient Light - Photography of Ian Cameron Ian Cameron's images are outstanding! He lives in Scotland and has been shooting for 18 years. I was initially drawn to his photos because he uses the same setup that I do (Pentax 67II, Gitzo 1325 tripod, etc.), but there is much more than that. His landscape images are truely an inspiration.
Zack Schnepf Photography Zack is one of the most original and talented landscape photographers I've seen. I've extremely impressed by his ability to come up with original compositions. He also puts a lot of effort into location shoots and setting up his shots and it shows. A real pro and an inspiration!


10 Stops Filter | BWVISION - Black and White fine art photography and long exposure photography One of the first sites I ran across while learning to shoot long exposures with an ND filter. The technique is discussed in depth in the "Ultimate Guide For Long Exposures" articles. Great resource. Online Photo Researsh Looking for images for an upcoming photo shoot (do a search) or want to get your name "out there" (register)? An excellent resource of hundreds of photographers, their specialties, photos, links and more. Quality site for both photographers and those looking for specific images.
Bahman Farzad's Guide to Spotmetering Another participant at and he has a very good exposure book which simplifies the Zone System. DIY (Do It Yourself) Photography is a great site with hundreds of money saving articles and videos on how to build your own photography gear and accessories. View articles on home studio, camera hacks, lighting as well as reviews. A terrific resource!
Fodor's Focus on Photography A very well-presented site that covers technique, exposure, lighting, composition and more. With accompaning photos and rich in details. Nice site!
Heavy Neutral Density filtering for daytime long exposures An excellent tutorial on daytime long exposures using a neutral density filter.
Increase Contrast with Unsharp Mask Photoshop: How to add contrast to your images by using the Unsharp Mask. This is a simple yet ingenious way to increase contrast.
Juza Nature Photography Also listed in the "Personal" site section, Juza also has a large number of technical articles discussing equipment, technique and reviews. Very informative.
Lets Go Streaking, a Digital Guide to Star Trails Excellent technical article by Daniel Newton on shooting star trails with a digital SLR.
Night Photography: After the Sun Sets A terrific article by Judd Patterson on night photography. Includes tons of info, resources and examples. Wonderful web resource run by Philip Greenspun. Includes photo exhibits, equipment reviews, technique and much more!
Photography School Offers state-of-the-art training in professional photography by the New York’s Institute of Photography
Supersized Panorama Stitching An excellent article at OP by Brandon Riza on how to create ultra large panoramas and the methods and equipment he uses to stitch together some stunning (and very large) images.
The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) I chose to put this link in the HowTo section rather than the Commercial section. The reason is that TPE is an invaluable tool used to give you the sun or moon's position in the sky on any given day. I use it every time I plan a trip. It's both a desktop app and an android or iphone ap. The best part is it's FREE!
Using Live View for Nature Photography An excellent article by Ian Plant on using your camera's Live View feature in your workflow to greatly improve your focus, composition, depth-of-field and more.


B&H Photo Homepage Professional photographer's source for everything from cameras to accessories.
Canon World Wide Gateway Home page of Canon Cameras/lenses, etc.
Cokin Filters Home Page Manufacturer of a wide assortment of filters. Based in the U.K.
Corbis Images Quality site for searching for stock images
Digital Photography Review Want to buy a digital camera? Check here first for the best digital camera reviews anywhere. Completely unbiased, independent reviews that are the most thorough and in-depth that you can find. Outstanding site.
Eastman Kodak Company Homepage Kodak's homepage with some useful links and information.
Fuji Film Worldwide Kind of like Kodak's home page but with less links and less useful information.
Gitzo Homepage Manufacturer of excellent tripods and heads.
Landscape Photography at Foto Search A very nice stock photo search site.
Nikon's Homepage While a slicker presentation than Canon's site, it has about the same content - not much.
Sigma Corporation Maker of very good lenses that are affordable too.
Singh-Ray Filters Homepage Maker of high-quality filters. Used by Galen Rowell, Art Wolfe, John Shaw and others. These are expensive but they're worth it.
TinEye Reverse Image Search A unique kind of image search tool. Upload an image and the search results will show you where it is used on the net.